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  • Welcome to the Tech Prep payment site. This secure site is where you can pay the consortium fee that is required to earn dual credit for the Tech Prep classes you have registered for this school year. The fee is $46. This fee covers all Tech Prep courses that you have registered for and are taking during this school year. If you enroll and register for Tech Prep classes next school year, you will need to pay an additional $46 fee next school year for those courses. Once again, you are about to pay the annual $46 consortium fee for earning credit through the Tech Prep program. The fee is non refundable, regardless of if you complete the course with a grade of B or above.

    Important Notes

    • - You must register for classes BEFORE you can pay your fee. You will need your Tech Prep ID number (TPN-NN-NNNN) in order to process your payment.
    • - Consortium fee is non refundable, regardless of if you complete the course with a grade of B or above.
    • - This payment covers credits earned through all five of our partner colleges including: Bellevue College, Cascadia College, Edmonds Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Shoreline Community College
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  • You are assigned a ID number when you register for your Tech Prep classes in the SERS system. If you don't know your ID number, please return to the SERS system to find it, or call 425-564-6158.
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    Payment Policy

    The application fee is generally not refundable unless it is determined that either the payment was made in error; the applicant is not eligible for admissions (e.g. under-age); or an appeal is granted through the college’s appeals process. If the payment is made in error or an appeal is granted, a refund will be processed within thirty (30) days of that determination.

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Last Updated February 23, 2017